Titancon 2017

Well, what can I possibly say about Titancon? Obviously I’m biased, because this year there were some changes behind the scenes and with only a few weeks left to go, I joined some friends at the helm of this small literary con in Belfast, Northern Ireland… and had an excellent time!


I have run the odd craft fair in my time, so I put those skills to use in the dealer’s hall. There was a lot of checking, double checking and triple checking but we settled on a new layout for this year only and all of our dealers looked wonderful on their stalls. I’m already looking forward to next year!

The dealers who plied their wares were, in alphabetical order….

Chakra Dragon – Steampunk accessories, hand made jewellery but so, so much more than an Etsy shop gives space for! The stall looked fantastic as always and a very special business card holder from UGears really catches people’s attention! There are even Game of Thrones themed pieces if you just can’t decide how to incorporate fandom into your Steampunk outfits…



Davy Francis is a caricature artist and cartoonist with quite some pedigree. He was offering commissions & I know a lot of people got a quick portrait done!


Holden’s Chocolatier provided everything from an indulgent treat on the go to the perfect gift or even a centre piece for a table – Dragon Eggs, White Walkers, and a range of choose-your-own-selection goodies. We’re all running on caffeine at conventions anyway – add sugar for the perfect survival strategy…


Sector 13 and Andy Luke brought plenty of zines, comics, books and more… there’s always more! If you’re local to Belfast, keep your eyes peeled for this lot.


Last but certainly not least is Sir Ted A Lot – chain mail jewellery, accessories and BATTLE BEARS. Yes, you heard: Battle Bears. If you thought cuddly toys couldn’t get better, you’ve obviously never met one wielding an axe. I’m guessing it’s up to your own discretion whether you give your little ones ideas…


But that’s just ONE part of Titancon! There were also all the wonderful guests, including Roz Kaveney in conversation with our chair Jo, book signings, readings, panels on the history and future of WorldCon & EuroCon (psssst…. we’re hosting EuroCon in 2019!). There were also workshops from Chloe Henderson, cosplay life drawing in the Art Show and Sunday’s coach tour which took us from Pyke to Dunluce Castle and finished off with a hog roast in the evening – I’m vegan, and there was still plenty for me to eat.

Oh, and I got to handle a sword at a workshop from Historical Fencing NI! This last one has had quite an impact on me, because I’ve been looking to find a way to keep active and am investigating the Nottingham Trent Medieval Society… I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to go to the taster session if I wasn’t still excited from waving (plastic) weapons at people and I can already tell I’m going to be getting just nerdier and nerdier and head straight into all manner of practical real-life activities I was never sure how to find out about when I was working.


I also had some art for sale in the art show (run by the wonderful Jane Stewart). It was lovely to see my work framed and did wonders for my confidence. I was easily identifiable, apparently, as a lot of people came and asked if the feathers were mine. I was wearing plenty in my hair all weekend, so I suppose I finally have a “thing”!




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