Launch Weekend!

It’s getting closer… my first gallery show is really happening! I’ve been working on bringing some community-based events in keeping with the spirit of the art work, and the first of them can be found on Facebook HERE.


I’ll be having a gentle opening on Friday 6th October with free tea and coffee available to anyone who visits. I will be around between 11am – 5pm, so say hi if you’re passing!


Saturday 7th October is a day full of LIVE MUSIC!

Derby Folk Festival is taking place in other venues and we’re getting into the swing of things with some “indoor busking” from some wonderful musicians. We’re not only going to continue with the free refreshments, but you can listen to acoustic music safe and warm away from the weather!

Throw some change in the hat and show your appreciation for local artists – anything raised during their sets goes straight to the performer.


At 12 noon, I’m happy to have Phil Matthews, a.k.a. The Village.

His new album is available now, and you can find more about his work on the following links:

Official Website – www.theVillage.me.uk


Facebook    Twitter      Youtube      iTunes      ReverbNation      SoundCloud      CDBaby



At 2pm we’ll be joined by Abii, who you can find on Facebook here.


Abii is a Nottingham based musician whose eclectic fusion of influences span many genres – reggae, pop, techno. She performed her debut single at the Stade de France in 2014.

Performances include film release La nuit je m’ennie (Kluger and Guy) and DJ Goldfinger collaboration which charted nine in the European charts.

You’re really in for a treat!


Later in the day, I’ll be playing acoustically with some friends and the gallery will close at 5pm to get ready for a private event that evening.



I’ll be announcing more events at the gallery soon, stay tuned for updates!






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