Rising To The Challenge

A really exciting opportunity has come my way. A friend spotted a sign in an unused shop, offering the space to artists. I’ve been loathe to talk about it on this blog before I’d done some fact checking and I think I’m finally at a point where it seems realistic… a little intimidating, of course, but realistic…

I applied for a Pop Up Gallery and have been accepted!

The only thing that could prevent it is if the unit is let to a business. It’s possible, certainly, but I’m going to try and ignore that and plough ahead. I’d begin the Foundation Degree with a huge boost of optimism. I do have a tendency to spread myself too thinly, but I have the next two months of summer holiday to plan, organise and prepare, then tackle academic work during the week and open the gallery to the public on weekends.

During October, all being well, “You Never Wash Up After Yourself – A History of Anglo-Irish Relations from 3000BC-Brexit” will be in central Derby!


I’m thinking of inviting politicians for Q&A sessions, music performances, spoken word, and… most importantly… free tea and coffee for the public!

I am also considering a clothes swap, with interview appropriate clothing donated to the Women’s Centre in Nottingham and the Clothing Bank in my neighbourhood of Sneinton. I’ve looked for similar schemes in Derby itself… and will continue to search for them, and will divide any donations accordingly.



What other events would you like to see held at the gallery?

Talk to me!

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