I just don’t know what to do with myself

Now the Foundation Diploma is over… I’m a bit lost!

I achieved the goal I was aiming for and got a Distinction. That made me SO happy as I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times. That behaviour comes out occasionally and is more to do with living up to my own expectations, rather than feeling superior to other people. I’m fairly insecure and want to feel “good enough” which is always a fight. It’s quite confusing, having doubt and fear at the back of my mind when I know I should be pleased with the result – I *will* be proud of this, damn it!! I’m excited for the foundation degree to start now, which kicks off at the end of September. I’ll be in London a little over the school holiday, but until they break up I’ve been sat around binge-watching Orphan Black. I think I managed all episodes in a little over a week. How’s THAT for an achievement?

So, yes… I am finding it rather strange adjusting to having no immediate deadline to work towards. I’ve been keeping on top of things and there are some very exciting discussions I’m having – possibly my final piece will get to be installed in a pop up gallery and I can run a program of talks and events for a month, which I would LOVE. I’m beginning to explore pitching illustrations and getting my head around doing Actual Business Stuff for once.

I’ve also had the chance to get back on the laser cutter. I’ve retired the Ogham necklaces from my shop, and have so many ideas I need to get on with and make to replace them. Besides gearing up for those, I’ve made a couple of personalised necklaces. Gothi is an artist and a Twitch streamer – subscribe over here! If you’re lucky, you might even spot an art commission slot come up from her…

Rough and not ready – Gothicat’s necklace hot off the lasercutter!

Figuring out how best to approach name necklaces in the illustrator packages has been… a weird learning curve. You’d think it would be pretty straight forward, but the laser cutter software can come up with some interesting interpretations of my files. I’ve also bought necklaces from other Etsy sellers in the past that use this 3mm thick plastic and have broken at delicate points. This chunky comics-style font should reduce the chances of that, as I tweaked it to connect the letters with nice thick meeting points. No fiddly serifs unless they’re mounted onto another layer!

I also experimented using thicker perspex stock for a big chunky necklace to annoy any haters out there…

If you’ve got it, flaunt it


Which style do you like best? I’m always open to create personalised designs in your choice of font – just hit me up on Facebook, or email retrogreatblog@gmail.com

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