It’s all over bar the…

…”How on earth am I going to remove this?” stage!

I think there may be a man and a van in my near future. Shifting concrete slabs and several hundred mugs is going to be interesting. Still, it should be quite manageable. I think I will store it, rather than try and dispose of any of the mugs. I’ve really grown quite attached to them.


So what now? Well, I am going to try and make a habit of blogging regularly over the summer. I had a nasty experience with Twitter a few years ago which put me off for ages. It did challenge me to review what I want to say but also what I believe, so I suppose a little bit of snark and nastiness can have a positive outcome. It’s still scary, though! Trying to figure out how much of myself I want to show, where is the line between brand and person when you’re just one person with an Etsy account? I’m a chronic oversharer, so it’s a difficult thing for me to do without feeling vulnerable. I’m getting my head around some of these issues since I moved to Nottingham, as I’ve had more time to spend chasing counselling and reflecting on my life.

I’m going to be adding items to my store this week that I came across in The Great 2017 Mug Hunt – things that were just too nice to risk getting smashed. My own kitchen has no more space for lovely ceramic goods so I’m hoping they find homes with other people who are a fan. I imagine they could make great altar dishes for pagans, or just an addition to anyone who shares my love of Common People-era Pulp and the “everything is brown or orange” 60s/70s aesthetic at home.

I’ll be up and down to London over the summer, but I’m looking forward to weekends in my allotment and spending as much time as I can bonding with Layla. She’s going to be 4 in August, and in September we’ll have lived with her for a year. She’s rather sweet, even if she does regularly stomp across my keyboard to take up her Guard Cat position on the window sill.


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